Sponsors Robert & Marion Monden

The father of these two children, Made Arsa, had a very interesting blessing happen in his life:

A sponsor from Holland/the Netherlands had found him as a teenager working, carrying fruit, instead of going to school when he was still in his early teenage years. When the friendly Dutch couple asked him why he was not in school, he replied, that his father simply did not have the money.

This Dutch couple committed to paying the five dollars of school fees every month for the next few years until Made was able to finish high school. It is because of this amazingly kind help, the story that Made loved to tell to whoever would like to listen, that the father of these two children was able to go to school and now hold a good job.

With the advent of his third child on the way ( birth control is not yet an exact science in Bali) he feels blessed beyond belief to found yet another Dutch couple to support his two children and going to school. His hope is that his child will excel and exceed beyond his own abilities.

This family still lives within the compound of their extended family, which is still the norm here in Bali. His childless uncle and his wife who live with them, will become his responsibility went his uncle gets too old to work. Made is also taking care of his unmarried sisters, his younger unmarried brother, age 19,  all are his responsibilities.

in Bondalem, where the unemployment rate is about 80%, each family member that holds a job probably supports 10 people. Extra money is not a probability.

Made and his wife are feeling supremely blessed by having yet another Dutch couple support his children go to school.

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