Sponsors Edwin van Ooyen and Robert Monden of Kadek Lastu’s two boys

The older boy Gede Johana Agas Sanjaya is being sponsored by Robert Monden


The younger boy Kadek Radana Ade Sanjay is being sponsored by Edwin Ooyen

For a long time the mother was the bread winner in the family, being a massage therapist at Shambala. Her husband took work whenever he could find some, as a driver of a truck often times delivering fruit and driving at night so he could help take care of the children during the day.

Kadek Lastu was so very touched when her family was chosen to be sponsored by two Dutch women, friends of Robert and Marion Monden. It was Robert who looked for suitable families, and he himself took on one of the boys, and found a sponsor for the younger son.

Almost all residents of Bondalem live at the edge of survival, but they carry their head high, they believe deeply in the higher guidance of their lives. Kadek lives in one rooms with her husband and the two children within the family compound of her husband.They do have a private kitchen area, where they can prepare their own food, and they do have their own outhouse.

A few years back Kadek Lastu renovated her roof, because every time it rained during the rainy season, the family had to get up at night to put buckets underneath the leak, which was right over their bed. They needed to borrow the wood of coconut trees from the land of ShangriLa (which she worked off in trade over time. )

Now they have at least a dry room and a new roof over their heads. Their older boy misses his mom every day and uses every chance to get to see his mom. But because of such high unemployment rates, she feels very lucky to have work, and to be able to mostly support the family. The help to get her boys through school is making a huge difference.

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