Sponsors Monique de Laat of Gede Gardener’s

I met Gede Widnyana years ago, when working on the construction of Shambala, His eyes were shining like those of a deer,  gentle, but strong, committed to his work, whatever that was. For months I observed him and discovered a jewel.

Since then I asked him to come work as a gardener at Shambala. The father, Gede Widnyana, a man who always gives his best and works from his heart, as can be seen in his work as a gardener, shining forth from his eyes like a saint, is supporting his three children and his wife as well as his parents on one salary.

As the cost of schooling, books, school uniform( Bali requires all children to wear school uniforms which have to be paid for by the parents) as well as paying for the school fee for the three children, which takes approximately three months out of the one-year salary, is nearly unimaginable, Gede was beyond himself when he was chosen to be sponsored.

Monique de Laat is GEDE’s sponsor starting Nov. 2012

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