Sponsor Robert & Marion Monden for the son of EDY

Here is Robert at a Party he called for all his sponsored children and the sponsored children for whom he so diligently found sponsors in Holland

I have one family which has an amazing story:

There was once a man,  who has already died, who brought to life a family of many children.
He himself was fierce man, he was the best swordsman in the northern Bali region, and heart was hard. He ruled by fear and as you can imagine his children grew up treated harshly, beat, very much unlike most other Balinese. But they mostly wound up following in their father’s footstep.
BUT one of his children turned out to be the WHITE sheep in the family. His name is EDY and he works at Shambala as our guest service manager.

He was blessed with a wonderful wife called HARMONY and a son, and he has a very gentle heart.
He tries to resolve conflict in his family, and unfortunately often times is burdened with some of the family members in-conscientiousness.

For example:

Not too long ago his brother defaulted on a loan. Edy took it upon himself to pay back the bank loan that his brother had taken out, and although it was not his responsibility.

His son who has been asking for a bike still has to wait now, but in Bali, family members still will stand up/ in for each other. Not everyone is like that but Edy hopes to rectify the faults and live by example that love, responsibility and kindness will create a better tomorrow.

Another moving story in Edy’s family:

One of Edy’s brothers wife left because of continued abuse and her husband’s alcoholic tendencies. Their children were left behind, as it is customary in Bali where the children stay with the father’s family.
But as he was unable to provide for the children due to this abuse of alcohol, AGAIN EDY took on the task to help out. Edy and his wife since then have  adopted one of his brother’s children (his nephew) as his own son and are hoping to raise him with love to make sure this child will not follow in the old familiar footsteps.Even though it means a tremendous financial strain on him, Edy has not asked for any handouts, and gladly faces the burden. His motto is: As much as my father was known for his sword, his descendant will be known for their kindness.

Because of his enormous dedication to his family, his deep desire for the harmony within his own family, we wanted to see him supported, and very much appreciate the help of Robert and Marion Monden, who have taken on a number of families here in Bondalem THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART!!!!

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