SPONSOR Lucienne Suijker for EDY

Robert and Marion Monden, who have already sponsored many children in Bali themselves,  had realized that many a times a Balinese person will not even mention when they are in need, feeling that it is best that they solve all their issues with their own might.

Beautiful as that is, the standard of living and the income in Bali is rarely high enough to take care of the many needs. Often one family member will take on whatever extra burden he can for the rest of the family just because that is how it is done in Bali.

In the case of Edy, who has adopted his Nephew because his own brother’s marriage failed and the sister in law had left back home leaving her children in the care of the father. However, the father, Edy’s brother was in no way capable of taking care of his children alone. He had no job, no income, and was in many ways not a socially capable man.

Edy and his wife Harmony stepped in and took on one of the children as his own, despite the fact that this child was suffering from epilepsy.

And when Robert found out abut the fate of that child and Edy’s kind offer to raise this child as his own, Robert and Marion found a sponsor among their circle of friends in Holland.

Lucienne Suijker from the Netherlands has become  the very kind  sponsor of Ngurah Putu Doni Dio Jaya Dinatha, the young child in the photo of Edy, Harmony and their children.

! Her contribution truly will help Edy and Harmony make this child’s life worth while living.

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