Sponsor Robert Monden & Marion Walker

Children of Komang Ayu

KADEK Tisy Avirjian the older daughter

Komang Ayu had a job in housekeeping when she got pregnant with her 3rd child. She was very much hoping for a  BOY, which she got!

In Bali it is essential to have a baby boy, because it is  the boy that takes care of the parents in old age, where is the girls went into the household of the husband.

Because of the lack of energy and due to the necessity of taking care of three children now, she had to stop working.  However, she had been able to purchase a washing machine during her previous job, and now runs a small laundry business out of her living room while her husband works at an underpaid rate at a nearby Villa. Raising a family of four on his income of roughly €70 however presents a problem.

When Robert and Marion heard that only the younger daughter had found a sponsor, they took pity on the older daughter, and decided to include her in their annual sponsorship drive, although they had already taken on the boy and girl from another family.

They now are sponsoring the older daughter by the name of: KADEK Tisy Avirjian

The mother of the 3 children asked for about 45 Euro per year in support for this school year. They were to shy to take the larger sum offered. This will make the money last longer is their reasoning!

This family is very grateful that the older daughter found a sponsor for her older child in Robert Monden and Marion Walker, who came to visit in Bali in Oct 2011 and in May 2012 as well!

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