Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Putu Widayani

Ptu Widayani lives with her husband, and her girl PUTU CITRA WIDIACAHYANI at her husband’s family compound with eight people, including her father in-law, and her husband’s grandmother as well as her older brother in-law, who is also married, and who lives with his wife lives and their only child as well in the family compound.

Though all of them share the compound, an encircled area with each family having their own sleeping quarters, and their own little kitchen where they cook with a gas stove.

Putu gets up at 4:30 am to go shopping at the local food market in Bondalem early in the morning  to cook for the family for the day, before she goes to work at 8 am.

She goes to bed at 9 pm to get enough sleep. Her husband is lucky enough to work at a part time job at the local gas station, as a pump-clerk. For his part time work, half a days work, he gets 40 USD per month!

For the three of them and for the brother-in-law she cooks for about 7 USD per day, that  includes also cooking for the pig that they feed that will be sold later for a profit.Caroline Elsaesser

Her father worked as a farmer, but now he only gives food to his two cows, which he will sell later to make a living. Her mother works cleaning fish in Bondalem, as Bondalem is a fishing town. Their youngest son, age 11 still lives with his parents, as does their 17  year old son, who still is in school for another three years. Their 20 year old daughter who is not married also still lives with them. They make a meager living, but take care of everyone as best as they can and Putu helps out with her salary where she can.

Putu’s parents live near by, and so the mother can take care of the child of Putu’s while she works at Shambala.

Putu Widayani  is a very caring, warmhearted, and hard working woman! She is a true loving being that cares for others.

Putu is very very happy to have gotten a sponsor, as she cares for her entire family!

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