Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Komang Widiasa’s girl

Komang Widiasa lives with mother and with his wife and his daughter PUTU SRINADI PRAWATI.

He is the youngest of three boys, of which one died in childhood. His father left his mother when Komang was already 20 years old, to live and marry another already divorced woman.  Her child from a previous marriage, his step brother so to speak  also works at Shambala now. All is well, and love continues.

Komang loves his small and larger family and calls himself a true family man. He is very sensitive, and has an almost holy aura. He tends to like to fast, which he does once a year for one month. He loves to pray and loves to help with the strength of his inner light.

His elder brother is married and lives in Denpasar, far away from the family, so this duty to take care of the parents falls on the shoulders of Komang  alone. He spends about 10 USD per day in food for his family, and needs to have his wife and him work just to cover the rising living cost.

Komang Widiasa is married and within one year he and his wife had one girl that is just now going to enter Kindergarten this July 2013.

Here in Bondalem the fees for the kindergarten equal an entire monthly salary. Every child gets a uniform even at this stage, and the uniform cost is an additional 1/3 to 1/2 of  a months salary.

His wife has a little warung, where she sells little snacks on the side of the road. They are very grateful for the help just at the right time now, as his young girl is about to enter TK, Kindergarten.

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