Sponsor Caroline Elesaesser for Putu Dharma

When Caroline contacted me to sponsor a child, that same day Putu Dharma Yasa told me in a personal conversation of the troublesome burden to pay for his child’s school uniform and books, a payment that was due again at the beginning of the school year. It seemed like divine coordination to have Caroline offer to become a sponsor of six Balinese families at this time!

Putu Darma Yasa lives with his oldest boy age 11 in 2013, his wife and his youngest son of two years old, in one single room, as part of the family compound, a room that is no larger than two mattresses.  There are no windows, and there is therefor no air circulation, and instead his room features moldy walls.

Putu and his wife and children share his compound with his father and his stepmother, and all her male children. Due to the fact that Putu’s mother died a week after his birth, he never enjoyed the mother’s love like others do. His grandfather, called KAKEK in Bali, took him under his wings.

His grandfather and grandmother lived in the same compound with Putu. where he was raised as well by his new stepmother as a second rate son. None of the inheritance of land, that had been promised to him at the time of death of his grandfather, his Kakek, has been given to him. Yet he has the duties and takes on the burden for all the things that the rest of the family does not wish to deal with.

For example when his grandfather, stricken by stroke, would soil the floor and needed diapers, it was Putu who took care of him instead of his father, who should have been the one to take care of him.

Putu’s wife, who is taking care of the two children, had been able to work for at least  2 Euro per day prior to the birth of the second son, but is bound to the home now, living in one room and not able to afford to buy land, as none of the inheritance was given to him.

Their dream is to someday be able to buy land and build a house, or at least have some additional rooms.

Caroline had met Putu long before there was the Shambala Spa in UBUD. She had attended a seminar with Ilona Selke in Bali and had gotten to experience some of the personal connections that we already had developed in UBUD after the seminar.

Putu had told me, Ilona Selke, during my third massage with him, that I would be having a SPA in UBUD one day and that he would work for us! Any such thoughts were far from my mind, but as time would tell, it all came true! Such are Balinese. Very much in touch with the unseen and the subtle worlds.

Putu is very, very grateful for this assistance.

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