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We have been having the true pleasure of hosting Robert Rabbin, Author of numerous books, at Shambala.  Here are his words:

I have been in Shambala, owned and operated by Ilona Selke and Don Paris, for more than a week, and I will remain here in paradise for another two weeks, during which time I will lead my “The 5 Principles of Authentic Living” retreat from 5th to 12th November.

Whether as a private guest or as a retreat leader seeking the perfect location to hold your next program, you will find Shambala to be an extraordinary oasis of beauty and serenity, an almost other-worldly environment built with wisdom and expanded awareness, and run with overwhelming love, care, and expertise.

Shangri-La is simply the finest resort/spa in Bali, one which encourages and supports personal and group healing, growth, transformation, and spiritual development. Guests will luxuriate in a physical environment that literally vibrates with cosmic magic and the music of sacred silence. The staff of angels serve guests with relentless care and devotion.

This is paradise.


Excerpt from his Website:

After more than 40 years of dedicated self-study through a variety of ways and means, including many years of intensive meditation and self-inquiry, I’ve distilled what I’ve experienced and learned into five principles set out in ten words, which I have named.

The 5 Principles of Authentic Living

1 Be Present
2 Pay Attention
3 Listen Deeply
4 Speak Truthfully
5 Act Creatively

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