A thousand years in BALI

J. Stephen Lansing: A Thousand Years in Bali


A great film on Bali, ecology & time

Sponsors WILMA and JAN Guldenaar for KOMANG ARPENI and PUTU YUNITA

Wilma and her husband Jan came originally to Shambala to attend a seminar and to help assist in teaching a group. Then they came back at a later time again to Bali and to Shambala and decided to support and sponsor a family here in Bondalem.

The wife is working but the husband again, as many works only when work is available. Currently her husband is studying with a temple carver, in order to uphold an old tradition.

Wilma, as we were able to see first hand, have been helping … Continue Reading

Sponsors Edwin van Ooyen and Robert Monden of Kadek Lastu’s two boys

The older boy Gede Johana Agas Sanjaya is being sponsored by Robert Monden


The younger boy Kadek Radana Ade Sanjay is being sponsored by Edwin Ooyen

For a long time the mother was the bread winner in the family, being a massage therapist at Shambala. Her husband took work whenever he could find some, as a driver of a truck often times delivering fruit and driving at night so he could help take care of the children during the day.

Kadek Lastu was so very touched when her family … Continue Reading