Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Ketut Warta’s child

Ketut Warta came to Shambala at a time when we didn’t have a position open. Yet he wanted to work so urgently, as we have an 80%  unemployment in Bondalem. He was so sweet in his interview, convincing me, Ilona, that we better find a place for him  Ketut had offered to clean the beach and streets, anything at all, although he had applied and hoped for a position in the restaurant. He was willing to work in any position, as he also had to take care of his younger … Continue Reading

SPONSOR Lucienne Suijker for EDY

Robert and Marion Monden, who have already sponsored many children in Bali themselves,  had realized that many a times a Balinese person will not even mention when they are in need, feeling that it is best that they solve all their issues with their own might.

Beautiful as that is, the standard of living and the income in Bali is rarely high enough to take care of the many needs. Often one family member will take on whatever extra burden he can for the rest of the family just because … Continue Reading