Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Komang Widiasa’s girl

Komang Widiasa lives with mother and with his wife and his daughter PUTU SRINADI PRAWATI.

He is the youngest of three boys, of which one died in childhood. His father left his mother when Komang was already 20 years old, to live and marry another already divorced woman.  Her child from a previous marriage, his step brother so to speak  also works at Shambala now. All is well, and love continues.

Komang loves his small and larger family and calls himself a true family man. He is very sensitive, and … Continue Reading

Sponsor Robert & Marion Monden for the son of EDY

Here is Robert at a Party he called for all his sponsored children and the sponsored children for whom he so diligently found sponsors in Holland

I have one family which has an amazing story:

There was once a man,  who has already died, who brought to life a family of many children.
He himself was fierce man, he was the best swordsman in the northern Bali region, and heart was hard. He ruled by fear and as you can imagine his children grew up treated harshly, beat, very much … Continue Reading

Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Komang Adi

Komang Adi used to work on a cruise ship for about five years, as a Chef,  and was paid a great salary. This was a boon as the unemployment rate in Bondalem is 80%.

However, when his own first born boy kept calling him UNCLE and didn’t relate to him as his Dad, Komang Adi changed his priorities and choose to say in the rural area of Bondalem, and wanted to try to find work here.  His boy was 7 years old now.

His impetus was a special ceremony, which … Continue Reading