Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Agus Aries

Agus Aries’ two children

Kadek Novi Wijayanti (the girl) and Putu Kelvin Rama Wijaya (the boy)

Agus Aries came to Shambala like a deer at dawn. His sensitive nature, his loving heart and his total dedication to doing whatever needs to be done, made us pray that he may find a kind sponsor. He is now father of four children, but living on his own, as his fathers remarried wife would put stick between him and his dad, so that a harmonious life at home was not possible in the … Continue Reading

Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Putu Widayani

Ptu Widayani lives with her husband, and her girl PUTU CITRA WIDIACAHYANI at her husband’s family compound with eight people, including her father in-law, and her husband’s grandmother as well as her older brother in-law, who is also married, and who lives with his wife lives and their only child as well in the family compound.

Though all of them share the compound, an encircled area with each family having their own sleeping quarters, and their own little kitchen where they cook with a gas stove.

Putu gets up at … Continue Reading

Sponsor Christine Gretner with Dewi’s boy

When Dewi came to Shambala, she had already worked in Singapore, for her training. She spoke  But as her husband was from Bondalem, she did what all Balinese women would do, she came home to live with him and his family. Kadek Ngurah Jivan Raditya