Lilia Cangemi with Ilona Selke in WATERDANCE

Dolphindance with Lilia Cangemi and Ilona Selke at Shambala, in the heat-able Pool

Photos by Robert Sannes


Inspired by Watsu, Waterdance and Healing Dance, a Dolphin Dance Healing individual session starts on the surface of the water and then leads the receiver (upon request) into the mesmerizing world of the underwater universe, as nose clips enable effortless breathing between air and water, creating an easy interface between the two elements. The physiological dive reflex allows longer and longer submersion and an almost magical breath suspension, which become vehicle for deep states of relaxation and immersion into a profoundly healing space. The pre-natal and womb consciousness become available in the reality of the present, often generating an experience of rebirth that can be nurturing and integrative of past traumas.


I like to use the word FLOW to describe some of the magic I often seek within photography. We have a peculiar tradition of fighting both nature and ourselves, simply by attitude of life. Our strong IDEA of individualism, with its separation between nature and man, between the idea of the physical and nonphysical, between each of us, -has in my opinion become too extreme.

The feeling of natural FLOW, or if you want, more holistic and harmonious abilities, are qualities to embrace in a world that speeds towards ecological limits, that produces loads of human stress, lack of meaning and wars of horror. The FLOW is to me something which is already there, but has to be opened for. It is something that affects abilities of inner BALANCE, of compassion, of creativity,
of our own perception of BEAUTY.
How can we prevail it?

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