One day Dewi our office angel came to me and said: “Ilona, if we could get a sponsor, I would love to sponsor the family that lives right behind us here at Shambala. The family is very, very poor and they can barely make it. They don’t have money to by food, let alone to send their children to school. School here in Bali costs some money, depending on the grade. The higher the grade the more it costs. There is the cost of the shoes, the school uniform, the books, let alone a computer if a family ever can dream of owning one,and then there is the daily food money.”

She was visibly pleading with me.Dewi’s heart was overflowing. She know that we had already some families lined up, but seeing this fishermen family broke her heart.

I love that Dewi is so kind, and loving and considerate. She is a very strong woman, always willing to greet our guest with a genuine warm heart that you can still find here in Bali. It is a very unique culture, one in which the heart energy is still honored.

The very next day, a sponsor appeared! It was a radiant couple, Lawrence and Anna, who lived their teachings. I remember his eyes and energy so clearly, like a guardian angel from another dimension.

Lawrenced and Anne decided that they will sponsor all three children of the  Gede Arya fishermens’ family.

Here is what they wrote:

Dewi introduced us to. As she said, there are 3 children at school age and a fourth that will start in 2 years.

Dewi spoke to her parents and calculated the rate to be appox. $200 for the oldest boy child who is in Junior High School and $150 for the 2 girls who are in elementary school still.

So we agreed with Dewi that we would send $500 this year and increase our funding (to $200/child) when the other girls started Junior High School.

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