at Shambala we separate the trash into PLASTIC, PAPER and ORGANIC trash and produce our own living GOLD

Here in Bondalem we still don’t have any trash pickup service. This is true for most of Bali except in the larger cities. this means that each household somehow has to take care of their own trash.

Of course in Bali that means, that most of the trash winds up either in the river, which is the convenient trash conveyor belt, which is then finally dumping the trash into the ocean, or were being dropped on the side of the street into one of the gutters, which eventually also should run down to the ocean.

And regularly the Balinese still burn their trash, any and all of it: organic, plastic and paper!!! they even have special days where everybody burns their trash including their plastic!!!!!

To reduce our trash here at Shambala, we separate the trash first.  So that in the end we only have to transport the I recyclable plastic off to a larger landfill, which is less than one hour away, by truck.

However, because of the trash separation,we are able to compost the organic trash here right in our own back yard and  turn into miracle making soil.

The secret to our amazing lush gardens at Shambala,that we were able to grow in the last couple years, which are so lavish, are due to the fact that we have been creating rich compost,

We have practiced until now we are able to produce rich soil within TWO WEEKS only by using friendly bacteria, mixed into the organic material, in what of the drums that you see above. This system produces results very quickly.

The fact that we practice trash separation, which took our staff a little while to get used to, spills over into the family life of all our 23 employees. Bit by bit we set the example that cleanliness produces QT, which uplifts our soul. Bit by bit we set the example of how to handle the trash and minimize the burden on our earth.

The good plastic is already being recycled, and people regularly buy up the good plastic and bring it to Singaraja, where they can turn the good plastic into money.

Bit by bit, we hope to set an example!

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