It all started like this:

Our Manager MADE ARSA when still very young, had to work and stop going to school because his Dad didn’t have the funds to keep him in school.

One day, whilst working in a yard, a Dutch couple saw the young boy and asked him his age. Shocked that this young boy was deprived of a decent school education, being condemned to a life in poverty, and underpaying jobs due to lack of schooling, they took MADE under the WINGS.

Every three months they sent 15 USD to his bank- account which he had opened for them, an amount that at that time was enough to cover is school uniform and school fees plus expenses. It was due to their consistent help that MADE is now the manager at Shambala, and is able to provide for his family with dignity.

Made indeed was a very smart boy, but without the school training  his life most likely would have taken another path.

ROBERT MONDEN and his wife MARION, also both  DUTCH countrymen had attended one of the seminars held at Shambala. They fell in love with the staff, and wished to sponsor children here. Made told Robert the story of his life, how hew was touched and saved by countrymen of Robert.

ROBERT soon to have now become one of our most active Sponsors, came back to Bali to meet his sponsors, and asked to have a party for a number or the children him, and his wife and his friends from Holland are sponsoring.

They had fun, balloons, soap bubbles, sodas, and games, a moment where East met West, and the children experienced the warmth of the giant white people!
The parents came along with their children to the party to meet one of the major Sponsors and to make sure that pictures were taken to bring back home to the other sponsors and also so that we can add them to our BLOG featuring the sponsor and the sponsored children.

It was maybe that the Dutch couple had started the ball rolling, but the lines to Holland continue to grow strong here in Bali and to Made’s family. The mother of Robert had committed to help a poor boy, Made’s nephew just one month before she died!

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