Trash-Educations begins in BONDALEM School

A great beginning!

This Easter weekend April 2012, the day after full moon, was the great inauguration day of the Trash Education Program at the SD2 school and Bondalem.

This is the 1st of 11 schools to benefit from this Trash Education Program.

Funds for this project were donated by the LIONS CLUB in Switzerland, spearheaded by Jeannie Pollak, who was previous participants, about 2 years ago in Ilona Selke’s seminar at Shambala.

Children of the 2nd and 3rd grade of the Grade-school, totaling about 50 children, ( 25 children … Continue Reading


at Shambala we separate the trash into PLASTIC, PAPER and ORGANIC trash and produce our own living GOLD

Here in Bondalem we still don’t have any trash pickup service. This is true for most of Bali except in the larger cities. this means that each household somehow has to take care of their own trash.

Of course in Bali that means, that most of the trash winds up either in the river, which is the convenient trash conveyor belt, which is then finally dumping the trash into the ocean, or … Continue Reading


In BALI much of the trash used to be biodegradable, such as banana leaves that rapped food items. Nowadays our modern words raps everything in plastic, which largely can’t be recycled.

INSTEAD the  many rivers or the little streams have become the convenient conveyor belt of trash, that runs right out into the evil ocean.

Many old Balinese collect the recyclable bottles and already do sell them back to be  recycled. That part is already in place and offers a meager but noticeable sustenance.