One day Dewi our office angel came to me and said: “Ilona, if we could get a sponsor, I would love to sponsor the family that lives right behind us here at Shambala. The family is very, very poor and they can barely make it. They don’t have money to by food, let alone to send their children to school. School here in Bali costs some money, depending on the grade. The higher the grade the more it costs. There is the cost of the shoes, the school uniform, the … Continue Reading

Carmen May is sponsor for Made WIDIA’s daughter in UBUD

2013-04-22 13.38.57

When Carmen came to BALI to attend a workshop with Ilona Selke, we all went to meet the family and home of  our long time friend MADE WIDIYA.

Right there, Carmen fell in love with the little girl of Made Widia.You know how sometimes you look into the eyes of a being and you know that you want to care, support or love that being for a long time.

Made had originally worked as a waiter in UBUD, at PURI GARDEN when Don and I met him. Even when I … Continue Reading


We are so happy to have found a sponsor for our angel massage therapist SUKERTI’s daughter by the name of Luh Putri Astiti Lestari.

Sukerti is one of five children at home, the fourth born with three elder brothers and one younger sister. As is customary, a woman moves in with her husbands family after marriage. Usually it is the custom of Bali to have the boy stay at the house of the parents, and the son’s wife, the daughter in law, moves in with the husband’s family after their … Continue Reading