Carmen May is sponsor for Made WIDIA’s daughter in UBUD

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When Carmen came to BALI to attend a workshop with Ilona Selke, we all went to meet the family and home of  our long time friend MADE WIDIYA.

Right there, Carmen fell in love with the little girl of Made Widia.You know how sometimes you look into the eyes of a being and you know that you want to care, support or love that being for a long time.

Made had originally worked as a waiter in UBUD, at PURI GARDEN when Don and I met him. Even when I was sick, did Made Widia come to our hotel room and sat by my side.

About 4 years later, on another visit. Made took me to the great seer, his granduncle. He saw the future for people by looking through a reed filled with the smoke of incense. He was then about the age of 105  and had  accurately foreseen that I, Ilona Selke, would live in Bali. At the time MADE WIDIA could not make out the meaning of his granduncle who kept saying we would be neighbors. Now we understand the message.

When Carmen came to visit the home and the family of Made Widia she was taken by the kindness and beauty of the wife of Made, called ILUH and also especially her youngest daughter by the name of NI KADEK AYU ARITANTI.

She is seven and a half years  old now in 2013 and is going into the second class.

Made Widia and his wife Iluh have three children, two girls and a boy. The youngest child being a boy. Made Widia took us around his family compound telling us about family life in BALI, customs and habits, showing us their place of cooking, bathing, the sacred small temple, the PURA KECIL in their family compound, a place that all Bali families have to worship their ancestors.

Iluh, his wife greeted us with genuine love and deepest humility of heart. She is a diamond of a soul, and her children reflect her inner beauty.

Carmen has chosen the youngest daughter to be under her wings and care for the years to come! WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL!

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