Sponsors: Seminar Participants

When we met Made Widia, he was only 19 years old. I still remember the day, when I used the Holographic Imaging method to help Made deal with his anxiety about this future and his work. Interestingly enough to this day I still recall the image that resulted from our work together that one afternoon in UBUD.

In subsequent years Don and I funded his training as a travel agent for one solid year. Today he earns three times the daily wage of other well-paid daily workers.

Meanwhile he has … Continue Reading

Sponsor Caroline Elesaesser for Putu Dharma

When Caroline contacted me to sponsor a child, that same day Putu Dharma Yasa told me in a personal conversation of the troublesome burden to pay for his child’s school uniform and books, a payment that was due again at the beginning of the school year. It seemed like divine coordination to have Caroline offer to become a sponsor of six Balinese families at this time!

Putu Darma Yasa lives with his oldest boy age 11 in 2013, his wife and his youngest son of two years old, in one … Continue Reading

Sponsors Monique de Laat of Gede Gardener’s

I met Gede Widnyana years ago, when working on the construction of Shambala, His eyes were shining like those of a deer,  gentle, but strong, committed to his work, whatever that was. For months I observed him and discovered a jewel.

Since then I asked him to come work as a gardener at Shambala. The father, Gede Widnyana, a man who always gives his best and works from his heart, as can be seen in his work as a gardener, shining forth from his eyes like a saint, is supporting … Continue Reading