Keep Bali Clean – A Power Point Presentation –

Bali Trash Power Point Presentation

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A year ago I, Ilona Selke, was invited by the Mayor of Bondalem to give a presentation on the Trash Problem in Bondalem. He had invited about 120 people to attend. There were the nine heads of schools of the larger Bondalem area, and a number of teachers plus students.

I had asked a Balinese  friend to act as a translator for me, as I was barely getting my feet wet in Indonesian. However, I soon realized that the … Continue Reading

Photo Artist Heath Bennett

Heath Bennett

We met Heath Bennett at the KAFE in Ubud in January of 2009. He was sitting outside on the balcony of our favorite Health food restaurant in Ubud on a sunny Sunday morning. He was sitting at our favorite table, but  since we didn’t want to intrude on him, as he was sitting next to a beautiful woman showing her pictures on his Apple computer, looking like a newly wed, we looked for a table inside.

Don and I found a table near a window, only inches … Continue Reading