Amoraea Dreamseed

Amoraea Dreamseed spend nearly six weeks at Shambala in order to create mystical artwork reflecting higher energy patterns that we can live by.

He loved the surroundings of Shambala in order to create his paintings and his imaginative genius flourished here. Many hours were spent in inspirational meditation and subsequent rendering of his visions into visionary art.

Here is what he said about his stay at Shambala:

“Shambala was an absolute creative haven for me as an artist. I lived there for 2 months with the intention of having

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Clean Bondalem

We are working on the Trash Clean Up project in two stages. Our motto is: Live by Example




Until not too long ago, everything in Bali was organic. Everything was wrapped in either banana leaves, or other natural products, which could be tossed into the garden, given to the pigs to eat, or otherwise be thrown into the catch-all Rivers, which took all organic trash out to sea without long range threats to the environment.

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Sponsor a Child for School

When Don and I first came to Bali we loved the land, the people, the colorful sights, and we made friends with one Balinese young man, by the name of Mad Widia and subsequently with his family.

On that first trip, Made took us into his home, dressed us in traditional clothing, took us to the Temple and offered us rice and vegetables to eat. And he took me to a seer, a man about 115 years old. After looking through into smoking incense through a hollow reed, he told … Continue Reading